Bahubali MLA Vijay Mishra arrested from MP, fear of encounter

Uttar Pradesh: MLA from Gyanpur, UP Vijay Mishra has been arrested by Agar Police.  Vijay Mishra was hiding here along with some of his people. The MP Police has taken this action on the information of UP Police. 

MLA Vijay Mishra, who released the video, was arrested from MP


  • MLA from Gyanpur in Bhadohi district, Vijay Mishra arrested in Agar
  • Vijay Mishra was hiding in Agar after absconding from U.P.
  • Rakesh Gupta, IG, Ujjain range confirmed his arrest
  • UP police can come by evening, questioning MLA at secret place


Bahubali MLA Vijay Mishra from Gyanpur in Bhadohi district of UP has been arrested by Agar Police.  Some of his operatives have also been detained along with the MLA.  Rakesh Gupta, IG, Ujjain Range has confirmed this.  However, police officials are not ready to talk about it.  Police is interrogating them at a secret place.  MLA, car driver and 2 people have been arrested from Tanodia in Agar district.

Gyanpur MLA Vijay Mishra has about 73 cases registered.  According to the information, UP Police has arrested Vijay Mishra on the information of UP police.  Kotwali police is questioning him at a secret place.  Vijay Mishra was on the run since 8 August.  According to the information, a relative was lodged against MLA Vijay Mishra, his wife and son.  Vijay Mishra won elections from Nishad Party.

At the same time, UP police can come to pick up the MLA and his people.  At present, the police has brought them in front of the media.  Significantly, the notorious gangster Vikas Dubey was also arrested from Ujjain a few days ago.  Agar is also a district adjacent to Ujjain.

what’s actually matter?

In fact, on August 7, a case was filed against Gyanpur MLA Vijay Mishra of Bhadohi district of UP.  A relative of the MLA, Krishnamohan Tiwari, a resident of Dhanapur village, sued the MLA, his wife MLC Ramlali Mishra and son Vishnu Mishra at Gopiganj police station, for forcing them to give their property to their wife and their son. 

At the same time, SP Rambadan Singh of Bhadohi had said at that time that Tiwari has given a tahrir in the police station and alleged that the MLAs are forcibly entering their house in Dhanapur and taking them hostage.  At the same time, by making a will, they are pressurizing them to give all their assets to their son Vishnu Mishra.  Also, the police has given protection to the prosecutor.

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