what to do after 12 class

Eligibility: After 12th Class Math Group Students? Full Courses List details

Brief Description: There are so many courses to do for students so they are some confused to decide our profession and career and they thinks that what to do? or what don’t? After completing his schooling and passes 12th class.

संक्षिप्त विवरण (Brief Description): छात्रों के लिए 12 वीं कक्षा के बाद करने के बाद लिए बहुत सारे पाठ्यक्रम हैं, इसलिए वे अपने पेशे और कैरियर को तय करने के लिए कुछ भ्रमित हैं और वे सोचते हैं कि क्या करना है? क्या नहीं? स्कूली शिक्षा & 12 वीं कक्षा पास पूरी करने के बाद।

Engineering & Professional Courses after 12th class:

  • B.Tech/BE

Higher Education Department Courses:

S.No.ActionCourse CodeCourseBranchDuration in MonthsRemark
1View CollegesD390B. A.Agriculture-Political Science-EconomicsRemark 
2View CollegesC028B. A.Arts36 
3View CollegesD431B. A.Computer Application36
4View CollegesD358B. A.Economics-Adver.&Sales Prom. -Political Science36 
5View CollegesD359B. A.Economics-Adver.&Sales Prom. -Public Administration36 
6View CollegesD419B. A.Economics-English -Statistics36 
7View CollegesD426B. A.Economics-Music-English36 
8View CollegesD427B. A.Economics-Music-Sociology36 
9View CollegesD438B. A.Geography -Sociology36 
10View CollegesD248B. A.Journalism and Mass Communication36 
11View CollegesD367B. A.Persian -Computer -Economics36 
12View CollegesD370B. A.Persian -Computer -History36 
13View CollegesD369B. A.Persian -Computer -Political Science36 
14View CollegesD368B. A.Persian -Computer -Sociology36 
15View CollegesD366B. A.Persian -Economics-Political Science36 
16View CollegesD365B. A.Persian -Economics-Sociology36 
17View CollegesD364B. A.Persian -History -Political Science36 
18View CollegesD363B. A.Persian -History -Sociology36 
19View CollegesD389B. A.Rural Banking -Political Science-Economics36 
20View CollegesD497B. A.Sanskrit Prachya36Check the eligibility from respective university.
21View CollegesD502B. A.Social Science36Eligibility as per concerned University.
22View CollegesD428B. A.Sociology-English -Music36 
23View CollegesC029B. B. A.BBA36 
24View CollegesC271B. B. A.BBA (Foreign Trade)36 
25View CollegesC273B. B. A.BBA (Hospital Administration )36 
26View CollegesC325B. B. A.BBA (Hotel Management)36 
27View CollegesC381B. B. A.BBA (Retail Management)36Eligibility as per concerned University.
28View CollegesC285B. B. A. (Hons.)B. B. A. (Hons.)36Eligibility as per concerned University.
29View CollegesC030B. C. A.BCA36Eligibility as per concerning university.
30View CollegesC032B. ComCommerce36 
31View CollegesC190B. ComCommerce – Advertising36 
32View CollegesC201B. ComCommerce with C.A. Taxation36 
33View CollegesC198B. ComCommerce with Computer Application36 
34View CollegesC227B. ComCommerce with Foreign Trade Practice and Procedure36 
35View CollegesC197B. ComCommerce with Marketing and Advertising36 
36View CollegesC199B. ComCommerce with Office Manament and Secretarial Practice36 
37View CollegesC200B. ComCommerce with Principal and Practics Insurance36 
38View CollegesC226B. ComCommerce with Tax Procedure and Practice36 
39View CollegesC202B. ComCommerce with Tour.Trav.Manag.36 
40View CollegesC326B. H. Sc.BHSc with Clinical Nurtrition and Dietetics36 
41View CollegesC442B. H. Sc.BHSc with Fashion Designing36As per university eligibility
42View CollegesC355B. H. Sc.BHSc with textile Designing in Rural Handicraft36 
43View CollegesC037B. H. Sc.Home Science36 
44View CollegesC272B. J. C. (UG)Journalism Communication36Eligibility as per concerned University.
45View CollegesC287B. J. M. C.Journalism and Mass Communication36Eligibility as per concerned University.
46View CollegesC352B. S.W.B.S.W.36 
47View CollegesD503B. S.W.Community Leadership & Sustainable Development36Eligibility as per concerned University.
48View CollegesD385B. S.W.Social Work36Eligibility as per concerned University.
49View CollegesC191B. Sc.Chemistry – Computer Application – Mathematics36 
50View CollegesC192B. Sc.Chemistry – Computer Application – Physics36 
51View CollegesC106B. Sc.Chemistry – Computer Science – Functional Hindi36 
52View CollegesC107B. Sc.Chemistry – Computer Science – Military Science36 
53View CollegesC108B. Sc.Chemistry – Computer Science – Physics36 
54View CollegesC257B. Sc.Chemistry – Environmental Science – Geology36As per university eligibility
55View CollegesC109B. Sc.Chemistry – Functional Hindi – Mathematics36 
56View CollegesC110B. Sc.Chemistry – Functional Hindi – Physics36 
57View CollegesC111B. Sc.Chemistry – Geology – Physics36 
58View CollegesC113B. Sc.Chemistry – Industrial Chemistry – Mathematics36 
59View CollegesC114B. Sc.Chemistry – Industrial Chemistry – Physics36 
60View CollegesC116B. Sc.Chemistry – Mathematics – Physics36 
61View CollegesC313B. Sc.Chemistry- Geology – Geography36 
62View CollegesD437B. Sc.Cirmnology-Computer -Chemistry36As per university eligibility
63View CollegesC123B. Sc.Computer – Biotechnology – Industrial Chemistry36As per university eligibility
64View CollegesC127B. Sc.Computer Application – Economics – Mathematics36 
65View CollegesC128B. Sc.Computer Application – Electronics – Physics36 
66View CollegesC259B. Sc.Computer Application – Geology – Mathematics36 
67View CollegesC129B. Sc.Computer Application – Mathematics – Physics36 
68View CollegesC130B. Sc.Computer Application – Mathematics – Statistics36 
69View CollegesC131B. Sc.Computer Maintenance – Electronics – Mathematics36 
70View CollegesC132B. Sc.Computer Science – Chemistry – Mathematics36 
71View CollegesC336B. Sc.Computer Science – Economics – Mathematics36 
72View CollegesC133B. Sc.Computer Science – Electronics – Functional Hindi36 
73View CollegesC134B. Sc.Computer Science – Functional Hindi – Mathematics36 
74View CollegesC135B. Sc.Computer Science – Functional Hindi – Physics36 
75View CollegesC136B. Sc.Computer Science – Geology – Mathematics36 
76View CollegesC137B. Sc.Computer Science – Mathematics – Physics36 
77View CollegesC138B. Sc.Computer Science – Mathematics – Statistics36 
78View CollegesC311B. Sc.Economics – Geography – Geology36 
79View CollegesC139B. Sc.Economics – Mathematics – Statistics36 
80View CollegesC312B. Sc.Economics- Geography – Statistics36 
81View CollegesC140B. Sc.Electronics – Computer Science – Mathematics36 
82View CollegesC141B. Sc.Electronics – Functional Hindi – Mathematics36 
83View CollegesC142B. Sc.Electronics – Information Technology – Mathematics36 
84View CollegesC143B. Sc.Electronics – Information Technology – Statistics36 
85View CollegesC144B. Sc.Electronics – Mathematics – Physics36 
86View CollegesC387B. Sc.Forensic Science36 
87View CollegesD379B. Sc.Geography -Physics-Geology36 
88View CollegesD380B. Sc.Geography -Soil Cons.&Wat.Mang-Geology36As per university eligibility
89View CollegesC147B. Sc.Geology – Computer Science – Mathematics36 
90View CollegesC148B. Sc.Geology – Economics – Mathematics36 
91View CollegesC149B. Sc.Geology – Electronics – Mathematics36 
92View CollegesC150B. Sc.Geology – Information Technology – Mathematics36 
93View CollegesC156B. Sc.Information Technology – Mathematics – Physics36 
94View CollegesC157B. Sc.Mathematics – Biotechnology – Physics36 
95View CollegesC164B. Sc.Mathematics – Computer Science – Military Science36 
96View CollegesC168B. Sc.Mathematics – Electronic Equipment – Physics36 
97View CollegesC170B. Sc.Mathematics – Electronics – Statistics36 
98View CollegesC171B. Sc.Mathematics – Functional Hindi – Physics36 
99View CollegesC172B. Sc.Mathematics – Geology – Physics36 
100View CollegesC173B. Sc.Mathematics – Geology – Statistics36 
101View CollegesC174B. Sc.Mathematics – Industrial Chemistry – Physics36 
102View CollegesC176B. Sc.Mathematics – Information Technology – Statistics36 
103View CollegesC177B. Sc.Mathematics – Military Science – Physics36 
104View CollegesC178B. Sc.Mathematics – Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Physics36 
105View CollegesC288B. Sc.Mathematics – Physics – Still Photography36 
106View CollegesC181B. Sc.Military Science – Computer Science – Physics36 
107View CollegesC186B. Sc.Physics – Computer – Statistics36 
108View CollegesC187B. Sc.Physics – Mathematics – Statistics36 
109View CollegesD360B. Sc.Physics-Computer Maintenance -Mathematics36 
110View CollegesC383B. T. MB. T. M (Bachellor of Tourism Management)36Eligibility as per concerned University.
111View CollegesC232B.A. (Honours)Economics36 
112View CollegesC233B.A. (Honours)Economics Management36 
113View CollegesC238B.A. (Honours)English Literature36 
114View CollegesD436B.A. (Honours)Fashion Design-Management36Eligibility as per concerned University.
115View CollegesC308B.A. (Honours)Geography36 
116View CollegesC302B.A. (Honours)Hindi36 
117View CollegesC234B.A. (Honours)History36 
118View CollegesC280B.A. (Honours)Mass Communication36 
119View CollegesC307B.A. (Honours)Mathematics36 
120View CollegesC306B.A. (Honours)Music36 
121View CollegesC305B.A. (Honours)Philosophy36 
122View CollegesC235B.A. (Honours)Political Science36 
123View CollegesC237B.A. (Honours)Psychology36 
124View CollegesC303B.A. (Honours)Sanskrit36 
125View CollegesD399B.A. (Honours)Social Work36Eligibility as per concerned University.
126View CollegesC236B.A. (Honours)Sociology36 
127View CollegesC304B.A. (Honours)Urdu36 
128View CollegesC264B.A. LL.B.Law with Arts60Eligibility as per BCI Norms.
129View CollegesD433B.A. LL.B. (Honours)Law60Eligibility as per BCI Norms.
130View CollegesD434B.A. LL.B. (Honours)Law60Eligibility as per BCI Norms.
131View CollegesD470B.A.J.M.CJournalism36 
132View CollegesD421B.B.A. LL.B.Law60Eligibility as per BCI Norms.
133View CollegesD432B.B.A. LL.B. (Honours)Law60Eligibility as per BCI Norms.
134View CollegesC248B.Com. (Honours)Accounts36 
135View CollegesD418B.Com. (Honours)Commerce36Eligibility as per concerned University.
136View CollegesD420B.Com. (Honours)Computer36Eligibility as per concerned University.
137View CollegesC247B.Com. (Honours)Management36 
138View CollegesD422B.Com. LL.B.Law60Eligibility as per BCI Norms.
139View CollegesC469B.Com. LL.B.(Honours)Law60As per BCI norms
140View CollegesD517B.P.E.S.B.P.E.S36 
141View CollegesC317B.Sc. (Honours)Chemistry36Eligibility as per concerned University
142View CollegesC244B.Sc. (Honours)Chemistry – Food Science – Quality Control36Eligibility as per concerned University.
143View CollegesC243B.Sc. (Honours)Chemistry – Mathematics – Computer Sc.36Eligibility as per concerned University.
144View CollegesD481B.Sc. (Honours)Chemistry -Forensic Science36Eligibility as per concerned University.
145View CollegesC242B.Sc. (Honours)Computer Science36Eligibility as per concerned University.
146View CollegesC239B.Sc. (Honours)Electronics36Eligibility as per concerned University.
147View CollegesD480B.Sc. (Honours)Forensic Science-Chemistry36Eligibility as per concerned University.
148View CollegesD510B.Sc. (Honours)Geography36Eligibility as per concerned University.
149View CollegesC241B.Sc. (Honours)Mathematics36Eligibility as per concerned University.
150View CollegesC240B.Sc. (Honours)Physics36Eligibility as per concerned University.
151View CollegesC515B.VocAccountancy and Auditing36 
152View CollegesC511B.VocAnimal Husbandry36 
153View CollegesC506B.VocAutomobile Science36 
154View CollegesD455B.VocClinical Nutrition36 
155View CollegesD430B.VocComputer Application36 
156View CollegesC514B.VocCosmetic Science and Beauty Culture36 
157View CollegesC512B.VocDairying Science36 
158View CollegesC508B.VocElectrical Science36 
159View CollegesC523B.VocElectrical Technology36 
160View CollegesD454B.VocFashion Design36 
161View CollegesF289B.VocFashion Technology60Eligibility as per concerned University.
162View CollegesC507B.VocFinancial Market Management36 
163View CollegesC513B.VocHospital Instrumentation and Management36 
164View CollegesC520B.VocHotel and Restaurant Management36 
165View CollegesC509B.VocIndustrial Microbiology36 
166View CollegesC516B.VocIT Application36 
167View CollegesC505B.VocJewellery and Gem Science36 
168View CollegesC517B.VocOffice Secretaryship36 
169View CollegesC522B.VocPesticide Science36 
170View CollegesC510B.VocSoftware Development36 
171View CollegesC525B.VocTourism and Hospitality Management36 
172View CollegesD471Diploma in YogaYoga36 
173View CollegesD492Shashtri (UG)Falit Jyotish36Check the eligibility from respective university.
174View CollegesD491Shashtri (UG)Navya Vyakran36Check the eligibility from respective university.
175View CollegesD494Shashtri (UG)Sahitya36Check the eligibility from respective university.
176View CollegesD490Shashtri (UG)Shukla Yajurved36Check the eligibility from respective university.
177View CollegesD493Shashtri (UG)Siddhant Jyotish36Check the eligibility from respective university.
178View CollegesD450Special CoursesTourism-Tourism-Tourism12 
179View CollegesD529UG DiplomaMandir Prabandhan(Temple Management)12As per eligibility of concerning university.
180View CollegesD528UG DiplomaPaurohityam(Karmkand)12As per eligibility of concerning university.
181View CollegesD451UG DiplomaTourism12As per eligibility of concerning university.
182View CollegesD527UG DiplomaYoga12As per eligibility of concerning university.
What to do after 12th class? All courses list to make decision