UPSC Topper- Dream Flight: Meet the mother who became an IAS topper by putting her baby on her chest

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New Delhi: In Indian society, most girls are considered limited to marriage. If you have to do something, fulfill some dreams, then they are asked to fulfill before marriage, then later the householder has to handle it. Due to this fear, either the girls start living for themselves before getting married or they ask their parents for time to fulfill some dreams. But Annu Kumari of Chandigarh proved these beliefs wrong on the strength of her dedication and hard work.

Annu had dreamed since childhood that he had to become an IAS officer. But they got married before the dream came true. But Annu did not let spirits dominate him. Even after marriage, she did not forget her dream and after becoming a mother she not only accomplished it by working hard but today she has become an inspiration for others by becoming a topper.

Born in an ordinary family in Sonepat, Haryana, Annu was very good at reading. Family members were keen to read and teach Annu. But Annu could not fulfill the dream while staying in her maternal home, fulfilled it by visiting her in-laws. Annu shocked everyone by finishing second in the entire country in the 2017 UPSC examination.

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She was the mother of a 4-year-old son when she was at the helm. Taking responsibility for home and son, it is not easy for anyone to come second in the country’s most difficult exam. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also saluted his sentiment. Annu dominated the media for several days.

Annu graduated in Physics from Nami Hindu College, Delhi, passed XII from Science Stream. He then did his MBA from IMT Nagpur and also worked in a Gurugram company for a few days. Although their goal was to go into the civil service, they got married before concluding. Annu comes from an area where girls’ marriage means taking care of the kitchen and children. But Annu did not give up and even after marriage, after completing the housework, studied for 5-6 hours.

This lady Anu Kumari is grace, dignity, politeness personified..A MUST watch interview if you haven’t seen it till now. She was UPSC 2nd topper in 2017. And she cleared it despite all odds…
I strongly believe too- किसी दूसरे को नीचा दिखा कर आप ऊपर नहीं उठते हैं..कभी नहीं!

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Seeing their hard work, Annu’s husband and her in-laws supported her in fulfilling her dream. Subsequently, Annu devoted himself entirely to preparations. Annu sent her son away from her parents for a year and a half and started studying at her aunt’s house. During this time his in-laws also encouraged him. Annu told that during this time she used to study for 8 to 12 hours. His hard work was successful in the 2017 examination, in which he finished second and got the second rank in the whole country.

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