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Engineering students will work on command from any corner of the world, state-of-the-art Kovid-19 robot, priced at Rs 3 lakh in China, for just 75 thousand.
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Jabalpur: Using state-of-the-art technology for the prevention of Kovid-19, engineering students have designed a robot that will take care of patients admitted to the wards of Kovid-19.  This robot can be operated from any corner of the world in one command.  The cost of making this robot in China is around 3 to 4 lakh rupees, students of Global Engineering and Management College, Jabalpur have prepared it for 75 thousand rupees.
   It will pass the test.  The research and development cell has produced the Humind Servicing Robot.  The IoT technique will be used in the treatment of patients suffering from Kovid-19.  The head of the college’s electronics and communications department, Dr.  Prateek Mishra said that this robot will communicate remotely to doctors, nurses and patients through digital display and voice control.

   The temperature will go away

   The Corona Fighter robot is equipped with a thermal gun, which will measure patients’ fever remotely and show doctors readings with a digital camera.  The robot also has a hand sanitizer dispenser to keep patients and common people free from infections.  This robot can be controlled from mobile or computer. 
 The electronics circuit of this robot has been designed by the teachers of Global College.  This robot is equipped with high torque motor, relay driver and Leon battery.  In making it, Global College teachers Drs. Swapnil Nema, Nitin Mishra and Abhinav Singh were the special contributors.  In this regard, Global Group Chairman Saurabh Badaria said that in view of the corona infection, the Research and Development Cell has developed the Hamind Servicing Robot.  Its price in China is in millions whereas we have made it in 75 thousand.  It has been tested.
Jabalpur Robot Image, robo technology, technology, Updated24 News

Rules of robotics

  But Asimov’s robots were something new, something that demanded laying a set of rules.  You know the drill: a robot cannot harm a human, or through inactivity can cause a human to get in the way of harm;  A robot must obey humans, except when it refutes a rule;  And a robot will see its own security, until this contradiction rules one and two.
  But these three elegant positions lie in them a world of possibilities and many clever shortcomings, ripe for the plucking of the author.  In Asimov’s sequel to the classic Caves of Steel, titled The Naked Sun, a detective and his robot sidekick investigate a murder in a colonial planet where humans leave the physical company for more digital options for communication  .
  The setting becomes a scene of a carefully orchestrated, Christie-like crime, where the perpetrator exploits the fact that, while a robot cannot harm a human, it cannot do so only intentionally or intentionally.  If one is fooled into thinking that the situation is safe for a human being, he can carry out actions that work around all important legislation, before being clever.
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