Independence Day misuse of Covid-19, some companies have launched the tricolor mask in the market

The corona virus is spread all over the world and Independence Day is coming in India, but in order to make disaster an opportunity, some companies have started making tricolor for personal benefit as the mask of our national flag and which market indiscriminately. 

In the name of Covid 19 (Corona virus), on this Independence day, some companies have launched the tricolor mask in the market.  Please do not use such a mask, you can spit on it while coughing and sneezing, and it will have to be thrown on the dustbin, pay full respect to your national flag.

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There are many rules regarding the tricolor that have to be taken special care of, it is a symbol of country’s pride and pride which should be respected with full devotion and faith.  But usually there is always some curiosity among the people about the tricolor flag of the country, what precautions should be taken while hoisting the flag, let us tell you.

Important facts of Indian Flag: 

  • The tricolor should never be hoisted incorrectly.  This can lead to a financial punishment as well as a jail sentence.
  • The tricolor should not be unfurled.
  • Should be of tricolor, cotton, silk or khadi.  Flipping the flag of the plastic may result in punishment.
  • The flag should not be torn or damaged while flying, its color should not be blown.
  • Nothing should be written on the Indian flag.
  • The flag must not touch the earth surface ground.
  • When hoisting the flag, do not hoist any other flag around it.
  • If the flag bursts or its colors fall off, burn it in solitude or drain it in water.
  • Flames descended from the mortal remains of the martyrs are also given water samadhi.
  • If you see insult to the flag somewhere, then inform the police immediately.
  • If the flag is lying on the ground or if it is seen coming under the feet of the people, then pick it up and give it water tomb.

It is also sold in, but you will remember that when the mask goes bad, it is either put in the dustbin or burnt to prevent infection, when the mask itself is like a tricolor, it will be the same with it,  Both things are going to humiliate the tricolor and insulting the national flag of any country is an insult to that country, so the government and the manufacturing companies should stop it.

खबरों के लिए इस न्यूज़ को ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर करें और अपडेट्स पाते रहें।