Kill CORONA campaign: From July 1, Door-to-Door survey will be conducted in the state – Shivraj Singh Chauhan


  • There was a lab in March, 27 labs are working today.
  • COVID Mitra will work to raise awareness.

Kill CORONA abhiyan in MP by CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan,

Bhopal | Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that a campaign will be started in the state from July 1, the campaign will be started from Bhopal, the government and society will work together in this important campaign for virus control and health awareness in all districts of the state.
Report: Rajendra Kumar Shah
The Kill Corona campaign will care for each family. Teams are being formed for this, COVID Friends will also be made who will work for this campaign voluntarily. Chief Minister Chouhan gave instructions in the video conference of the commissioner-collector that he should start the necessary preparations for this campaign from now.
In conducting this unique and large campaign of the state, a meaningful message will be sent to other states as well, the Chief Minister told the collectors through video conferencing that Corona virus control campaign is to be conducted in all 52 districts from July 1.
Kill CORONA work will help police and social workers.
Chief Minister Chouhan directed that IGs and Commissioners in districts and divisions should also keep an eye on CORONA control.
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