Smriti Irani shares Inspirational quote: Be strong, you never know who you are inspired by- updated24

Union Minister Smriti Irani today shared many important life lessons with her fans on Instagram.

Smriti Irani is known for sharing inspirational and trustworthy posts with her Instagram family quite regularly. Union ministers regularly share inspiring anecdotes with their fans.
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by: Rajendra Kumar
Smriti Irani post an update on instagram about Sushant Singh Rajput's death: Don't give up - updated24 News
Recently, after Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his Mumbai home on 14 June, Smriti Irani had shared some important life lessons with her fans.
Today, the minister posted several inspiring quotes on his official Instagram account. The first post that the minister shared, he wrote, “Never forget where you came from and never close your eyes where you are going.”
Smriti irani post updated whatsapp and instagram about Sushant singh Rajput suicide , Be Strong
The next quote was about chasing dreams, even when people around you hate it and are discouraging. “People will hate you for chasing your dreams, because you remind them that they are not,” the text on the image reads.
With her last Instagram story, Smriti asks those who are struggling, to grow stronger, never knowing who they are drawing inspiration from along their journey. The picture reads, “Be strong. You never know who you are drawing inspiration from.”
Smriti Irani is currently Union Cabinet Minister of Textiles and Women and Child Development. He is also a Member of Parliament, Amethi Lok Sabha constituency.
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