SC, ST, OBC class: Protection demands by United front of employees of weaker section

Aditional SP will submit memorandum in support of joint social organization Shri Shinde Ji in support of baseless complaints.

Singrauli SP Pradeep Shinde
Singrauli ke ASP Pradeep Shinde

सिंगरौली: लाठी से पीटकर बृद्ध की निर्मम हत्या आरोपी मौके से फरार

As per the instructions of the government in Singrauli district, if any SC, ST, OBC or any officer working with honest and dutyless allegation is accused of baseless complaints, then surely his morale falls and  His ability to work is affected. 

A parable remains a topic of discussion in Singrauli district these days, at the behest of mafias with personal interests, vigorous discussion of baseless complaints on Additional Superintendent of Police Shri Pradeep Shinde, whose United Front strongly condemns, some political party people  SC, ST, OBC officers in Singrauli district pressurize the employees to do unnecessary work and if they do not do illegal work under their influence, then surely they will be subjected to fake charge-transplant by mental torture and transfer  is done.  Threats are made in relation to which the Joint Social Organization Backward – Shoshit Samaj Swayam Sevak Sangh (PS-5), Dr.  Ambedkar National People’s Union, Bhim Army, Scheduled Castes Janata Yuva Sangh (Nazi), Minorities and People of Casa Committee, Jayas, Manjhi Union, All India OBC Mahasabha have demanded protection and protection of such officer employees and if Singrauli district.

If persecution of weaker section officials continues, the people of the joint social organization are definitely in the legal purview.  I will be forced to agitate for which the administration will have full responsibility.


United Front Social Organization District Singrauli Madhya Pradesh.


   Shailendra Kumar

   District Head (PS-5)

   District Singrauli 

खबरों के लिए इस न्यूज़ को ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर करें और अपडेट्स पाते रहें।