Can meditation increase anxiety? Some research reports

Whenever we are stressed or excited, there is no better feeling than listening to some quiet music and settling down in a favorite corner of the house to meditate.  But do these few things really relieve us of stress, or do they make it worse?

According to a report published in the outlet New Scientist, “One in 12 people who try meditation experience an unwanted negative effect, usually a worse state of depression or anxiety, or even for the first time.”  . ”  According to the beginning of the conditions.  First systematic review of the evidence.  “

Meditations are of different types but what is comparatively known is Mindfulness.  Mindfulness mainly involves paying attention to present moments, your thoughts and feelings.  While it is a good idea to get your dose of daily optimism, this is not always the case.  According to Insider, in a 2009 study at Seattle Pacific University, participants were getting noticed after being a little confused.  Whereas, a 2017 study by Brown University and the University of California found that “approximately half of the participants in the 2017 study experienced confusion, irrational or unnatural thoughts due to attention, as well as changes in executive function.”  The ability to control oneself and achieve things ”.

10 Reasons to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

While many people are excited to pay attention and a shot, it is given that people feel worse after this.  However, it is unclear how this occurs.  Enthusiasm for meditation may be partly due to the increased awareness of the side effects of antidepressants and the difficulties reported by some.  There have some reports of people says experiencing worse mental health after starting meditation but, it is not clear that how often this happened.

However, you should not give up the idea of ​​giving meditation a shot.  Instead of trying it on your own, go for a guided meditation discourse that is very safe.  Pre-recorded sessions are available online.  In fact, various meditation apps are available to help you on both Android and iOS as well.

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