This seal has exploited the foot of man to get some fish which you will see today

 Animals do not hurt and they will be the sweetest thing that has happened to you and who do not know about the hobby of eating with animals? Quite popular, you have often seen animals seeking and snatching food from humans.

However, have you ever asked humans to seal for food? Well, the video shared by IFS Sushant Nanda, which shows that a person is constantly being beaten for food, is going viral.

The video seals tapping a human’s leg in hopes of getting some food that he is distributing to other animals around him. Now that he is not giving him anything, we believe that he was already fed.

Hello Sir, I am here too…..
The action of seal in asking for food is moving 🙏

— Susanta Nanda IFS (@susantananda3) August 10, 2020

The video was shared with a caption. Hello Hello Sir, I am also here. The action of this seal is in asking for food, ‘and can melt anyone.

Of course, people found the video worth watching and they have many things to say about the same. While some people actually wanted to adopt the seal, on the other hand, others were surprised that the video is from an aquarium or some captivity center.

I feel bad for the seal. The person has no sympathy. Atleast even it had been fed already, he should have given food for its gesture

— Sreedhar (@Sreedha35696034) August 11, 2020

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